Role in the Project

TUM is in charge of the Scientific and Technical management of the Hephaestus project. It has to be said, TUM leads Work-Package 2 (WP2), in which the final concept of cable-robot system is conceived. Besides, TUM plays a special role also in the design, simulation and prototyping of the end-effector modular kit.  Finally, TUM will be the responsible of the Methodology and Protocol definition for the use of cable robots in construction and built environment.

Technical University of Munich

TUM is one of Europe’s top universities committed to excellence in research and interdisciplinary education. The Chair for Building Realization and Robotics (br²) merges management competency (construction management, technology management, innovation management) with competency in advanced technologies (production technology, ICT, Microsystems technology, mechatronics, automation, robotics, personal assistance technology) and applies it to solve challenges of our society by considering all phases of building’s lifecycle (development, planning, construction, use/performance, de-construction/end-of-life).