Hephaestus addresses novel concepts to introduce robotics and autonomous systems use in the construction sector. Hephaestus project focus to implement novel solutions in one of the most important parts of the construction sector which is the one related to façades and the works that need to be done when this part of a building is built or need maintenance. Besides, Hephaestus proposes a new automatized way to install these products providing at the end a whole solution not only highly industrialized in production but also in installation and maintenance.

Hephaestus envisages a techno-economical assessment of the foreseen approaches and includes a business plan of the proposed demonstrator, a prototype of the cable-robot with all its components, a prototype of the curtain wall façade and a prototype of building to check how all the systems developed works in real conditions.

Hephaestus brings relevant impacts at different levels, as:

  • Increasing the market-readiness of robotics applications including in terms of technological validation outside the laboratory
  • New market opportunities
  • Lowering of market entry barriers of a business or regulatory nature and increasing industrial and commercial investment in Europe at a rate comparable with other global regions
  • Contributing to the faster growth of competitive small and mid-scale robotics companies in Europe
  • Social impacts including employment