Hephaestus team in demo buildings at Tecnalia’s and Acciona’s

In this video, the Hephaestus system is illustrated from its demo buildings at Tecnalia and at Acciona.

Hephaestus General Assembly

The Hephaestus project members met online in December 2020 in the last general assembly of the HEPHAESTUS Project. In this meeting, ongoing progress and activities to be performed within the end of the year have been discussed. The core of the meeting was the workpackages that have to be closed by December.

Hephaestus team is on Euronews

In this video, Kepa Iturralde from TUM, Mariola Rodriguez from Tecnalia, José David Jiménez Vicaria from Acciona talk about Hephaestus system.

Second reporting period meeting in Luxembourg

Last week the Hephaestus Project members met in Luxembourg for the second reporting period meeting.
This meeting has given partners the opportunity to illustrate the status of the Project with the Project Officers.

The new H2020 robotics projects in the SPARC strategy

Julen Astudillo (Tecnalia) explained Hephaestus Project at European Robotic Forum 2017, held in Edinburgh, Scotland last March 22.

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