Role in the Project

Tecnalia is the coordinator of the Hephaestus Project. Apart from the activities related to management, Tecnalia is the leading partner in WP3: Design of the cable driven robot and the end-effectors modular kit for vertical works. Moreover several tasks related to envelopes, construction, simulation, sensors, testing and evaluation are going to be done by the two teams involved in the project: the one related to Construction and the one related to Robotics. Furthermore, important activities in dissemination and exploitation of the final solution will be done by this partner.


FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION is a private, independent, non-profit applied research center of international excellence. Legally a Foundation, Tecnalia is the leading private and independent research and technology organization in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing 1,319 people (198 PhDs) and with income of 94 Million € in 2014. TECNALIA is committed to generate major impacts in economic terms, by means of innovation and technological development, addressed by 8 business divisions, covering economic sectors of Energy, Industry, Transportation, Construction, Health and ICT. TECNALIA has been granted over 250 patents and promoted more than 30 spin-off companies. Two Divisions of Tecnalia have a key role in the project: the Sustainable Construction and Industry & Transport Divisions. They will participate in the proposal through their Industrialised Building Systems and Construction Processes Area and Robotics Technology Area, respectively.