Role in the Project

nLink will develop the positioning system for the robot, both accurately on the construction facade, and locally for any tools attached. nLink will use its previous experience on commercialising a robot system in the construction industry to help the project handle real life issues and challenges when introducing robotics to dynamic environments.


nLink specialises in advanced robotics for the construction industry, and have developed the world’s first mobile drilling robot that drill holes based BIM-coordinates. It is designed to relieve construction workers from overhead work involved with measuring and drilling in concrete ceilings, while eliminating concrete dust om site.  The Mobile Drilling Robot will greatly reduce Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD), and increase productivity by saving days or weeks in construction time on larger industrial buildings like office buildings, schools and shopping malls.  nLink also focuses on integrating BIM (Building Information Model) and robots, and providing analytics and monitoring for robot systems that are not followed by technical personell.